A Sportsbook that Rewards You for Your Play

A Sportsbook that Rewards You for Your Play


There is a reason why America’s Bookie is referred to as “the world’s favorite bookie”, especially when it comes to players in the United States and Canada. While it starts with 10 years of experience and expertise in the sports betting industry, we have also made a name for ourselves in this very competitive industry by going the extra mile to reward our loyal customers for their play on a continuous basis.

Pretty much every sportsbook out that has some kind of sign-up bonus for when you first open account, but how many continue to offer ways to earn cash back on almost every wager you make? America’s Bookie did not make it to the top of the list when it comes to online sportsbooks for our good looks. We understand and appreciate customer loyalty and we are more than happy to put our money where our mouth is with our Rewards Program.

Our Rewards Program is point based and you can build up your balance of BetPoints with every straight bet, parlay, if-bet, teaser and reverse bet you place. There are no limitations to how many points you can receive so the more you bet the more you earn. The points will continue to accumulate in your account until you decide to cash them in.The best thing of all is the these points are awarded on a graduated scale starting with one point for every straight bet you place. The total moves to 1.5 points for if-bets, teasers and reverses and you can earn two points for every parlay play (2-15 teams) you make.

Wagers on sports such as soccer, 3-way hockey lines, tennis, golf, NASCAR, boxing, MMA, handball, volleyball, cricket, international basketball, international baseball and all prop and futures are worth a half a point. The only exception is that BetPoints are not available for money line wagers on NFL, NBA, and college football and basketball games. They are also not available for Live In-game wagering. The most exciting part of America’s Bookie’s BetPoints Reward Program is how they can be used. There are multiple ways to cash them in and it is entirely up to you to choose what works best for your particular needs.

One way to use points is towards free payouts. Using a person-to-person transfer, we have created a graduated scale for payout requests from $100 all the way up to $900. Check requests from $1000 to $3000 will be processed with no fees for 10000 BetPoints. America’s Bookie know just how much bettors love contests and pools so we have come up with a way to use your BetPoints for entry into our “Last Man Standing” and “33-Point Pool” for football as well as a March Madness contest for college basketball.

If you like to dress the part or score yourself some cool swag, then you can use your BetPoints in America’s Bookie online store. The newest way we came up with to cash-in your BetPoints is sure to become one of the most popular. You can now redeem your points for free plays. We decided to keep things as simple as possible so for every 5000 points you turn in your account will be credited with a $25 free play.

No matter how you decide to use your America’s Bookie’s BetPoints you can always rest assured that your betting action at our sportsbook will never go unrewarded. There is a reason we have risen to the top of the ranks in the online sportsbook industry over the past 10 years and we understand and appreciate that it all starts with loyal customers such as you.